When Fears and Despairs Overwhelm You

Do you feel like you get negatively affected by news and tragic situations around the world? I do not typically watch the news; we don’t even have TV. However, last Monday morning I heard the news about the US and Iran, and I was shocked but not that surprised. Are we really going into war with Iran?

I am one of those people who get really bothered about negative news. It doesn’t do me well to watch any violence in movies and it bothers me greatly when I hear about suffering. I can’t sleep at night because I can’t take it off my mind. I even get depressed, like I mean seriously depressed. I experienced a totalitarian regime in communist Czechoslovakia, but I didn’t live through a war. Yet, the war propaganda (for or against war) was so strong when I was little, that I still feel traumatized by it. I can’t watch any war movies or such. I’ve just had enough, you know?

Since this Monday, I talked to a couple of friends about my fears and devastation over the current situation. My questions were: How do I stay positive? How can I function? How do I stay off creating the worst-case scenarios? How do I protect my family? If you are a parent, the fear multiplies. Mothers especially tend to worry a lot, with tendencies to create the worst-case scenarios ‘what if’.

I think I am not the only one. You may be asking the same questions. As I said, I have never lived through war and fighting in my own country, but my grandparents did and they told me a lot of stories. It seems like the suffering sticks around for a few generations.

As a practitioner of the healing arts, I have been looking for the answer of how to heal the wounds of places of suffering. What can I do to protect our families and children? I can’t ignore this ancient pain.  I can’t pretend that this terror doesn’t exist. And it has been created over and over to feed the greedy and the selfish, who starve for oil and power.

Here it is happening to me again. World crises get me. I am collapsing from the weight of my thoughts of despair. Yet it is my mind that is creating that. Even my husband tells me that I can’t be helpful to anyone when I am crying on the floor, feeling totally paralyzed. And I am not really exposed to the news, yet the negativity is posted all over social media and the internet. I am also aware that the news is a tool for manipulation, and it’s hard to find the actual truth. In this era of information, when every secret is being exposed, we can see an extra layer of darkness that used to be hidden in the past. The overwhelming amount of information is one of the reasons why people suffer so much anxiety. If the negative news is the main source of information that we focus on, we will get wrapped in our anxious minds for sure.

Last week, I felt extra heavy and maybe you did too. There is currently a very interesting planetary alignment that totally mirrors my inner conflict. A full moon eclipse on last Friday, and Pluto with Saturn on Sunday. Full moons are strong and stir emotions and madness on its own, and eclipses can affect our lives and life events, depending on where the zodiac is. Admittingly, eclipses also bring drama and I felt strongly pulled into this collective drama.

I must take my own responsibility for my feelings. So, I will say that it was my drama in my head. This eclipse pushed me, and it made me realize something that I already knew. There is no other savior to save me but me. I already knew that I couldn’t change the world, but I can change myself. And yet, I was waiting for ‘something’ to change things, while complaining and whining. But guess what!? I DO actually HAVE all the spiritual technology I need for the transformation. I have taken many courses, read many books and accepted the Quantum Reality, and the transformation has been proven by others. The only thing I need to do is to get into the practice every day. Mediate, pray, affirm, write, and change my vibration and my beliefs. It requires a perseverance indeed. Today is my Day #4 and I am going for it. No time to wait anymore.

I am a believer of Oneness and Unity (the separation is only our ego/illusion). Quantum theory even has a mathematical explanation of us being connected. Transformation is an individual process that must start from within. Our individual reality which we create, since we are connected, adds to the collective reality.

Truth is what you create of yourself and not what others tell you that you are or should be. Which means we all need to find our own truth. My goal for this year is to keep connecting to the Source of Light and to keep reminding myself that this is what I am. Maybe there will be a lot of us practicing the same thing, illuminating the world with love and light. Maybe our chosen truth will illuminate the world and bring peace and positive changes, who knows.

What comes to my mind is this powerful memory I have, when I was 13 years old. We can call it a mass transformation. I have already talked in one of my blogs about the famous Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and I would like to mention this event again.

At the time, central Europe was under Soviet dictatorship.  It lasted for 40 years, until November 1989. There were revolutions through all the countries in central Europe (you call it Eastern Europe, but I don’t, since Czech is right in the center). It all started with the fall of the Berlin Wall, yet it was a series of events that followed. In Czechoslovakia, around the same time, people were on a peaceful candlelight demonstration in Prague, to honor a guy who sacrificed his life 40 years prior to the demonstration (it was his protest against the Russian occupation). At this event, the young demonstrating crowd was attacked by armed police. Fortunately, no one died. The event somehow made it to national TV, which was normally heavily censored. To see a demonstrating crowd of students singing and giving flowers to the police was so shocking that it couldn’t keep the oppression stagnant anymore.

In the following days, demonstrations spread all over the country, into every town. Even those who were originally ‘marching’ with the regime, switched into the demonstrating crowds and blended with the change. All the following protests were absolutely beautiful, with people holding hands and singing peace songs. The atmosphere in the country was elevated to the heavens. Even though I was a 13-year old kid, my mind was blown away. I thought it was a miracle and my life changed from that day.
My family was living a sort of prison life, oppressed by the regime. Suddenly, the prison was not there anymore. We were all singing songs about freedom and peace. Beautiful demonstrations lasted for 1-1/2 months, and then we got a new government and a new president. This wonderful and kind president Vaclav Havel was a match to the Velvet Revolution slogan:

“Love and truth will win over lies and hatred.”

And this positive experience of mass transformation gives me hope. Quantum Theory usually gives us a 50-50 probability of change. That means we have a choice and it is in our hands. Feeding fears won’t help, and being overwhelmed by distorted news won’t help either. Connecting to the Source and meditation will help you to feel better as a start. At least half of us connecting and meditating will create a positive change, don’t you think?

Anyway, this is my process. This is how I feel, and I don’t mean to force my feelings on you.
However, I am making a commitment to dedicate myself to change me. Building my truth in my world, building my peace inside of myself.