Quantum Healing is a modern, spiritual but non-religious technique which originates from quantum physics. It involves channeling, intuition, Reiki, kinesiology, muscle testing, regression, and empathy. This is an effective form of ‘counseling’ which looks closely at the personal problems and heals a person on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and sometimes on a soul level. Quantum Healing has an ability to clear past traumas and bring a harmonious life.

In a Quantum Healing session, the brain frequency is slowed to the Theta level, which is the same as the night dreaming state. The client normally has a specific goal or a desire of what could be gained from the session, such as personal relationships, health improvement, recovery from an illness or addiction, finding life purpose, or stepping into abundance. In the Theta frequency, with the client’s permission, I am accessing their energy system and scanning for blockages which are the main reasons why they struggle. The blockages are typically associated with beliefs that originated from the client’s past. Many times we need to investigate their childhood, or their ancestral past (parents and past generations).  Sometimes we look into their past lives, so we understand the cause of the problem.

After removing negative patterns that happen on an energy level, the client receives new positive downloads and consciously chooses new healthy habits. Understanding the personal past and the ancestral past, the culture or social aspects, plus willingness to forgive allows clients to connect the healing source and brings the desired result.

Benefits of Quantum Healing

  • Works on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and soul level
  • Helps to heal from an illness 
  • Releases old traumas, guilt, vows, curses
  • Heals family karma and past lives
  • Heals relationships
  • Helps to get rid of addictions and negative patterns
  • Works on the level of DNA; healing genetic issues
  • Helps abundance and deserving
  • Helps spiritual growth and directs toward the soul purpose


$150 per session (1 session up to 2 hrs)
Please mind, there is a 24-hour minimum cancellation policy!