Every person has a different idea about the meaning of the world ‘spiritual’. Since there is not generally a clear understanding, the mainstream audience doesn’t have the awareness or knowledge of the benefit of being connected to the spirit. Some people may think that being spiritual is being religious, some people believe that having a certain spiritual practice such as yoga, makes them spiritual, and some may think of themselves as being spiritual by having ‘a green lifestyle’; you name it. Altogether, it seems like we all have different ideas about spirituality. So, let me explore a little bit of my idea on this subject.

Spirituality as a natural human development

Looking on the ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’, a tool used in the modern psychology, we learn that after we are provided with the basic needs, such as food, shelter, safety, after we fulfill our social needs in friendships and community, and after we reach a certain level of personal achievement, our needs go toward a creativity and figuring out our potential. The need of self-purpose and actualization is a spiritual necessity, a spiritual aspect which plays a natural role in our life. We all want to evolve and reach our full potential, even though it may not be in a person’s consciousness.

My story

I am pleased to see that people are awakening, yet I have to admit that it has taken a long time.  When I moved from the Czech Republic to Massachusetts, I felt like this place was a better environment for the connection to my spirit, even though I have always had a good spiritual connection, even as a little child. In my early childhood, I was enrolled in Catholic religious education. When I reached my 20s, I realized that the ideas of centralized religion and its associated social structure didn’t resonate with me anymore. I lost ‘that’ God (which I actually didn’t believe in) and felt like there was an empty space in my life. I had a lot of fear and sorrow from this loss. It was painful for a while and I was resistant to thinking that God was located internally instead of externally. However, the God is something which has always been within us and that we are the Universe, which is a part of the Universe.

I settled in Gloucester MA more than 15 years ago. The Czech Republic is an interesting country in the sense that it has supported alternative and traditional religious beliefs since the Middle Ages, yet it is statistically the most Atheist country in the world. You may call Czech ‘esoteric’ in some of its alternative beliefs, but there is a very weak connection to spirituality there. Even though the country has adopted some eastern spiritual practices, these are mostly expressed as trendy alternative lifestyles and fashion. There is a lot of consumerism and materialistic trends instead of offering people guidance on the spiritual connection.

I often explain to others that I am spiritual but non-religious. Personally, I don’t want to follow a leader of a religious institution because I don’t believe this makes someone spiritual. Also, every time I sought out a religious mentor to follow and admire, I was quickly disappointed.  The person always revealed their dark side. That’s ok, because we are all humans after all. However, this is the reason I stopped putting people on a pedestal. 

But don’t take me wrong, I agree that having a spiritual or religious gathering is a great tool to build a community, share and create friendships, which is so essential for a harmonious existence.

Spiritual hierarchy

Now, living in a country called the United States, which was built on seeking religious freedom, I have been discovering something which I would call a spiritual hierarchy. People call themselves spiritual, but I can tell it’s just an ego statement that is rooted more in social status than spiritual awareness. Many folks also make the mistake saying that intuition is the same thing as spirituality, and I have made this mistake in the past too. Intuition doesn’t make someone spiritual. If the person is missing integrity, their intuition won’t save them. Layers of an unhealthy ego can sometimes go so deep that it’s hard to see the falseness of it. 

So, what makes us spiritual?

“We are not human beings with a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. You have probably heard this quote of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French philosopher and Jesuit priest.

Being spiritual means being connected to your Spirit, or call it your higher Self, or being connected with the Oneness, the Universe, or God – it is all the same thing. When we are connected to our True Self, we more easily peel off the old ego paradigm. Ego, which can tell us all sorts of negativity, is disempowering and tends to stop us from spiritual evolvement. Being connected to the spirit allows one to access a greater state of being, which is blissful and pure. In this state we do not separate ourselves from the divine quality which is our blueprint. Being truly connected gives us the choice to separate from a victim consciousness and powerlessness, and enter the state of awareness, self-empowerment and responsibility for our actions. We become connected the Oneness, understanding that the Existence itself is much greater than just our body and what we see around us. In Oneness we accept all people as equal and respect their personal evolutions.

The real spirituality connects us to Love and Abundance, and there is no lack mentality.

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it.  Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself.  What an amazing miracle.” – Eckhart Tolle

How to re-connect:

Spirituality is the key to accessing Love, creativity, prosperity and a greater joy, because we are accessing the Source which is inside of us. I am a follower of the Quantum Theory, which goes deeper into the unseen aspect of creation itself, which is starting on the atomic and subatomic level. Yet, believing the theory is not quite enough. A certain action and a daily routine of that action will guide you. You can try it, here is how:

  • State your goal. Write down what you are looking for and how you want to feel.
  • Start with a high-quality spiritual teaching. Intuitively pick the first book you are drawn to. Listen to the right podcasts, start looking and you will find good material.
  • Look at your habits and acknowledge those that you don’t need. What kind of healthy habits would you like to replace them with? How is it going to feel when you have your new healthy routine?
  • Write down what is stopping you from accessing the state of being connected to Oneness? What are your limiting beliefs about spirituality?
  • Include yoga, meditation or Reiki in your life as a routine practice.
  • Spend time in nature, move your body.
  • Disconnect from electronics devices as much as possible.
  • Quit TV and news. Mass media is basic fear manipulation that keeps you disconnected from your True Self. 
  • Nourish your body because that’s your temple.
  • Remind yourself daily that creating good for others is our purpose.
  • Remind yourself daily that you are here to discover who you really are: Unconditional Love and A Divine Co-Creator of the Universe. All of us are created equal, we just have an individual journey and different habits.
  • Wish others well.
  • Be honest to yourself.
  • Journal.
  • Work on your belief system. Do not carry thoughts that bring you down. 
  • Trust and be willing to change.
  • Avoid toxic people or situations.
  • Pray often in a style of Gratitude and sincere appreciation.

As you start practicing this list, it might become easier for you to connect. Perhaps you will get more ‘aha moments’, maybe you will receive guidance through your dreams, visions or inspirations through the day, or your life will just simply become easier and more joyful. Your negative habits might not be as attractive for you anymore and you will seek the healthier life. 

If you struggle with your negative belief system, get in touch with me. I can offer you my Quantum Healing session. 
Find more details here:  https://silvielockerovahealing.com/quantum-healing-2/

‘The God in me salutes God in you’. I wish you a happy and fulfilling adventure to discover your Cosmos and your personal connection to the Source which is Unconditional Love.  And please remember that this is a life-long practice toward self-improvement, it is not a shortcut.  Namaste.




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