Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson (a holistic chiropractor, Medical Intuitive and an author of books: Emotion Code; Body Code; and Belief Code).

Dr. Nelson explains that through our lives all of us experience accumulated emotions = emotional baggage, which are basically emotions which get trapped.

These “trapped emotions” can be described as a negative energy which gets stuck in places within the physical body, can lead into physical discomfort and eventually into an illness.

Emotions get trapped typically because they are not properly processed (as experienced through difficult life situations or unresolved emotional events.) These trapped emotions settle within the subconscious mind and influence our thoughts and programs, cause a negative emotional habit, physical discomfort (emotions get trapped within specific organs) and further produce negative frequencies. Trapped emotions are kept in the subconscious mind until they are released.

Emotion Code technique is simple, yet effective. It allows clients to comfortably release trapped emotions, illuminating specific events, but without going into the uncomfortable re-living of those events and without difficult feelings and details.

What does Emotion Code work for:
Releasing anxiety and stress, improves mood, helps to recover from addictions and bad habits (food, alcohol, drugs…), improves relationships, helps to improve physical issues and misalignments, helps prosperity and creative purpose and much more.

Heart Wall:
It takes 3 sessions of Emotion Code to release the Heart Wall. We are focusing on removing the wall of trapped emotions around the heart. Having the Heart Wall removed results in a more fulfilled life, deepens relationships, improves abundance and helps the spiritual connection.

This technique works well on adults, children, babies and pets.


Watch video on Emotion Code:   https://youtu.be/-1-Uavg_wyw?si=5KrFEFPoeKh-eIMO

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Emotion Code session: 45 minutes – $90
Emotion Code 3 session package: (45 minutes each) – $259
Heart Wall 3 sessions: (45 minutes each) – $259