I would like to talk a little bit about breathwork. Some of you know that I am conducting a Transformational Breathwork Workshop, happening this coming Saturday February 10th from 3 – 7pm in Magnolia MA.

I have been practicing breathwork probably every day. Sometimes just a short version, such as 15 minutes, sometimes longer, up to 90 minutes.

What happens when you breathe?

Speaking for myself, first of all, it brings a feeling of relaxation. I am able to have a deeper introspection of my mental/emotional state I am in; able to see things from outside of myself, as an observer. At the same time, it can bring the sense of grounding and trust – as I am connecting with the breath. Many times, the breathwork initiates a profound spiritual connection, and that’s the connection which you need for that moment.

The work happens for you through the breath:

The breathwork is also known as a DMT promoter, which is known as a chemical that people consume through psychedelic drugs, but it is also a chemical that the body naturally releases through powerful transpersonal experiences in life, also through birth and death. The DMT has a powerful healing effect. Participants may recover from anxiety, depression, insomnia, heal from trauma, recover from an addiction and more.

Through a specific type of breathwork, as the body releases some DMT, you at the same time will access the subconscious mind. The good thing is, you can regulate the intensity and stop the experience anytime, because you have the control over your breath. (With a substance-based psychedelic journey, you don’t have that sort of control).

Breathing techniques:

There are many different techniques and I am learning some of them, experiencing different positive effects. With any breathwork, the general outcome is – feel calmer and uplifted (it raises the frequency in some way). It boosts the immune system. It usually elevates the mood, but sometimes it brings a lot of emotions. We just have to understand that emotions are not bad. It is safe to feel them, accept them and then let go. We have to allow ourselves to feel and still love ourselves. Allowing your feelings also allows you to feel the Presence, the Observer, the Consciousness.

Why am I inspired to run the Transformational Breathwork Workshop?

I would like to reach out to the public which is on a healing quest towards personal transformation. Anyone who desires to heal their physical form, emotions, past trauma, or connect with your Spirit, the breathwork could be a tool for you.

Who is this technique for?

You need to be healthy, there are certain criteria and precautions, but it is you who regulates this practice and the intensity. It is for those who are on the journey of self-discovery and introspection, and that will put you on a spiritual adventure. You never know what you may find. It can bring a profound healing. In some cases people may have a birthing experience, which is a highly creative process. What can you give a birth to in your life? What could birth through yourself? It can be a transformative experience.

Transfomational/transpersonal experiences have been practiced through many shamanic cultures around the world. Many people in the western culture have a need of transformation these days. We have lost touch with ourselves. We are being overstimulated, programmed in a certain way, and rushed through our lives. That makes us forget who we are and why we are here.

What will you answer if I ask, “Who are you?”
What will you tell me? Many people don’t know.
If you don’t know who you are, you may feel a little bit lost, and you may not know what to do.

If you have the need to reconnect with yourself, this technique could help. But, I can’t tell you what will happen for you. I never know what will happen for me through this process of breathwork. It’s good to avoid having expectations, but instead have intentions. Why are you doing this work? What are you trying to achieve?

Your intention could be to release stress. Your breath is a great tool! Breath is with us all the time. That’s what we have.

What can you reach through this technique?  

As stated earlier, with this technique we get some DMT effects in a mild form, which helps to access the subconscious mind. There are many ancient breathing practices and styles you can choose from, such as Pranayama and such. With different breathing styles you can experience different effects. Your brain frequency will slow down, from the Beta brain frequency (the logical mind which keeps us in stress) to slower brain frequencies (which initiate creativity, inspiration, and a sense of connectedness).

Why transformation, why now?

I know many people crave a transformation, as we see the world getting more and more insane.
I am listening to astrology on some channels and following what is going on with global geo-magnetics. The Earth/Mother Gaya, is going through a huge transformation. We are currently receiving strong solar flares, geomagnetic storms, which affect everything and everyone. The solar flares are intensifying everything and supposedly this extra light from the solar flares activates our DNA codes. We may be going through changes, feeling intense feelings, and so on.

Maybe you have heard of the collective Earth’s electromagnetic wave energy known as the Shumann Resonance. The Shuman Resonance has been measured. Interestingly, it is the frequency of the heartbeat. In the past year, this frequency has been dramatically changing, rising up. The changes simulated a DNA-like pattern and had synchronized geometrical forms similar to Sacred Geometry.
We are part of this frequency and we co-create it! We co-create it, yet in the same time, it affects us from the collective.

It is the time of a great transformation. Things are changing on its own, and things are changing fast. I send wishes of love and healing. I have hope. I hold the vision of the New Earth, for us, our children and the future generations. May this be a great collective healing experience, with hope, love and unity! I know I am not alone with this vision. You can be part of that as well.

If you are interested to join the Transformational Breathwork Workshop, please register by Monday, February 5th midnight through this link: