Holistic Healing Business Workshop

Introducing my First Ever video training course!!!

This video class is for any holistic healing/energy practitioner (Reiki healer, massage therapist, aromatherapist, Polarity practitioner, holistic coach, spiritual counselor, etc.) who wants to start their own practice.  Includes business tips from all of the different business and alternative programs I’ve attended over the years.

You will learn:
– practical marketing and advertising
– how to build your audience
– removing negative beliefs on business and abundance
– how to fit your business into your daily schedule, and more.

Note:  After purchase, please scroll to the bottom of the PayPal confirmation page and click “Return to Merchant”.  Then you will be redirected to a Google Drive page where you can watch or download the video.

Video length is roughly 2-1/2 hrs
File size is 662 MB

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