I would like to introduce this modern holistic healing, a technique which I practice, called Quantum Healing. If you are not familiar with the meaning and you wish to learn more, keep reading.

Quantum Healing is a new alternative healing technique based on Quantum Physics/Mechanics. Quantum Physics explains how energy and matter works and illuminates the idea of us being creators of our reality. For me it brings a satisfying merge of spirituality and science, where I can finally accept the concept of God, our Creator, the Universe, and us being ‘One’ with the Creator, co-creating our personal experience.

How do we create our reality:

Quantum Theory describes how the Universe works with everything in it, including the smallest particles. Everything in the Universe is interconnected despite space and time.  Our thoughts which carry an emotional charge (=energy), when repeatedly signaled, attract a similar experience to us. Yet, we may not be aware of that.

According to science, we use 5-10% of the brain. The rest of the brain operation is based on an automatic programing run by the subconscious mind. Also, the ‘regular mind’ is programmed negatively. That means, that most of the people focus on negativity, experiencing negative emotions, stress, lack, feeling victimized and any kind of suffering.

In Quantum Theory, the particles, which are being observed, change. If our thoughts are being observed/witnessed, we can shift from our subconscious negative voice/programming and consciously focus on positive and desired emotions. When we don’t feed the negative thoughts and programming, as they don’t get any more attention, the energy transforms, and our whole reality with it.

Different Quantum Healing techniques:

I don’t know many practitioners that practice this method. Yet, those practitioners who offer Quantum Healing don’t have the same technique as me. My method is based on a few teachers.

First, I have experienced Quantum Healing as a client with my Reiki Master, who used to live in western Massachusetts. She offered lectures on Quantum Healing. I was excited to develop a practice in the Theta brain frequency, which I tapped into when I was 17th as I learned Silva Method (control of the brain). With Quantum Healing and Silva Method, I added a few more techniques of energy healing, which I learned along the way (such as dowsing, Energy Medicine…), and followed few other authors and scientists who focused on the mind and energy.

The creative frequency:

My Quantum Healing session is done in the Theta brain frequency. The Theta frequency is a hypnotic state, similar to the brain waves we experience while dreaming. While awake, we can slow the mind with relaxation techniques, and then we are able to tap into the same frequency.

In the session, I help the client choose a new positive belief (such as “I am worthy”, “I am loved”), which will bring him/her to the desired goal.  In the Theta wavelength, we are more suggestable and open to new programming. As the belief is commanded in this lower brain frequency, the energy system accepts it as a new reality.

In a Quantum Healing session, I first ask the client to allow the clearing of old traumas, karmic debts, vows, curses and energetic entanglements. When he/she is free and able to let go, then there is more space for the new program of the Self.

In the Theta brain frequency, we also feel more relaxed and positive; which is essential for personal transformation.

Who can benefit from Quantum Healing:

The most important part of a successful Quantum Healing is the openness to change. If you are willing to change and you desire a better life, you are already on the right path. But you aren’t supposed to know how it will happen. According to Quantum Physics, energy is unpredictable. We don’t know how we will get there but we know how we want to feel, and we understand what we want.

Understanding family karma, the cultural and social conditioning, sometimes seeing the past lives, and the insight of the ‘root problem’ will help to shift consciousness. As a result, there is new awareness and motivation for a new life.

To create the desired change, we have to keep practicing the positive emotions – feeling inspired, motivated, joyful, with a clear intention. Taking responsibility for the Self is an essential part of it. No other people, no other circumstances, nothing will give you want you want. You are the creator of your life.

Can we do it ourselves:

After understanding the science of how energy works, how we wire our brain, we can rewire and reprogram the things that no longer serve us. The important part of it is to be freed of the past and the ability to stay aware of triggers.

However, stepping into the ‘new’ may initiate the feeling of uncertainty or fear, because we can’t predict the familiar future. We have to be able to bring ourselves into the present moment, knowing that there is only the eternal now, and that the desired outcome has already arrived. Time and space are only concepts of 3D where the 5-10% of the mind operates.

What is Quantum Healing good for:

Quantum Healing works in person as well as remotely (via phone, Zoom…). The change can be felt on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual level and a soul level. A typical session takes 2 hours.

The healing can be used to resolve a physical health issue, or an emotional suffering such as anxiety, depression, grief, etc. We can resolve personal relationships, family karma, issues with abundance, work, finding a life purpose and more.

We peel as an onion, layer after layer, and we eliminate the undesired parts which no longer serve us.

As we work on ourselves, remove the unhealthy beliefs, conditioning, and old programming, we become who we really are. We find the truth and beauty of our true Divine essence, limitless and whole. That is our purpose – discover the Divine within and become it.