Here is the news about me.  I was supposed to leave with my family to Europe in a few days, but the flight were cancelled due to US travel restrictions. Bummer! We would leave if we could, but the US government decided otherwise. All the planned excitement and fun is at postponed for now.  Yet, everything we planned to do is also cancelled due to high panic wave.

Sometimes, I hear from people about how they are feeling and how they are doing.  And you know what: I just realized something very positive within this situation.  Nevertheless, I am not being indifferent to this case. I feel like I would rather be responsible and make sure I practice the right hygiene, etc. But, keep reading.

What I am going to explain about this situation:
1) Why practicing a healthy routine and habits will prevent you from any virus
2) This virus is not as bad as it seems but serves as a distraction
3) What is the global benefit from all of it


1.) Practicing the Daily Routine

Practicing a healthy daily routine should be in our awareness. It brought more attention for me personally. Even though I am not panicky about getting the Coronavirus, I still want to stay healthy regarding any flu. After I became a parent, my body got a little more vulnerable to influenzas and such. Cold season for me means that I need to better care of myself and my family.

My healthy routine:

Elderberry syrup and vitamin C to support the immune system (higher doses of C vitamin are not as harmful, because the extra amount exits our body in the urine). The human body gets depleted of the C vitamin with stress, anxiety, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Altogether, we get low on vitamin C, especially through the winter season.

Daily energy exercises, tapping, tracing meridians and strengthening my aura. I focus on my breathing, practicing deep inhaling and exhaling. Trying to meditate at least 10 minutes a day.

Minimum of 4 times a week, I take a cold water swim for healing, alternatively take an ice bath at home. It’s so much fun to go with friends to the ocean.

Friends and fun became my practice together with the cold therapy. We stay in the ocean for 5-7 minutes, which helps to change my beliefs about things, brings better clarity. It boosts the immune system, heals inflammation and helps to deal with anxiety or depression. You don’t have to be as extreme as me; try cold showers and see how you feel.

Stay away from news and fear-based propagandas. How is the fear serving you? I am not personally interested to take the ride with the mass panic. I choose to trust and feel that I am safe. I make sure to stay somewhat informed and yes, you can do that too, without watching TV and news which are full of lies. ‘The herd is easily operated by fear.’ Have you heard that sentence before?

Exercise and sweat! Walk fast, practice yoga, swim, whatever, but move your body! The lymphatic system will not hold toxins in, and you will detox easily. I am not moving vigorously every day, so I add more of my daily energy routine to help the lymphatic system to flush, and help the organs in the body with the right Chi.

Wash your hands alert! Well, this habit is definitely improving for me. I wash hands (and my son’s hands) with soap and water much more often. Basically, after touching any public surfaces and after the bathroom, of course.

I choose the healthier versions of foods (organic). My food diet is about 40% of fruit and veggies, then homemade soups every second day, and 10% of diary and animal protein, all about 95% organic.

Drinking clean water from a good filter, as well as cooking with the filtered water must be part of your routine.

I am almost free of caffeine at this point and it feels much better without it. I drink herbal teas, lately a lot of lavender. It helps to stay calm. Alcohol in moderation and there are also healthier versions to choose from (organically made).

Using essential oils in the aroma lamp such as eucalyptus (which is very powerful, and not recommended in all cases), yet, it’s helpful to ‘fight the bugs’, keeps the chest clear and helps with the congestion, if there is any. I use also the air purifier with ionizer, to add more healthy ions to my living space and will use it at my healing office as well.

Don’t isolate yourself! Practice a social life, that really keeps the immune system higher. If the state closes down your work and everything else, make sure you meet with friends or people elsewhere.


      2) The virus is not as bad it is rather a distraction

A friend of mine recently told me, that the Coronavirus was predicted by a famous author, psychic and mediumship Silvia Brown. In her book ‘End of Days’ she foreseen that a virus will appear in the year of 2020 and will come back ten years later.

According scientific statistics, Coronavirus is less dangerous than the flu. More people died last year in the US from the flu than the whole world of Coronavirus. Most of the people recover, and those who died were mostly elderly people with a pre-existing medical condition.

While the whole world is being distracted with Coronavirus, the world economy is experiencing its fall. The economy, which was fake, artificially made, will have to be build up from scratch, with a stronger ground, more practical and sustainable. The news tells us to look at the ‘horrible virus’, so we don’t see the reality of where the system collapsed. We will see that very soon. It was hidden for a long time, but it can’t stay hidden anymore.

Presidential elections and political events like to use this method of a distraction and manipulate the news as they want.


     3) What is the global benefit of all of it:

Factories are closing down, flights are being canceled, people are forced to be in quarantine. But do you know what? If there is less smog from factories and no pollutants from the aircraft, because all flights are being canceled. Mother Earth, who we love and pray for, is recovering from longtime pollution (intentional fires of the rainforest, chemtrails, aircraft pollution, less car use, you name it).

The artificially created world without sustainability must change. Change might be scary, because we don’t know the future. Yet, the new world will be based on truth, respecting our Mother Earth and respecting each other.

Trust and pray, and add it into your daily practice. Note that you have the freedom to choose your feelings. We are going really through some extraordinary events and human evolution, stepping into a personal awareness and empowerment. Enjoy the ride.

“Love and truth will win over the lies and hatred”. (Velvet Revolution 1989 Czechoslovakia, slogan). By the way, the country I come from has its own issues and the grass is not greener. We are all in this together to witness the new world, new economy, equality and a sustainable lifestyle which builds for the next generations. I choose to be positive and trust that this is the age of hope, change and transformation.

I am excited, yet I must practice my daily routine to stay grounded and centered. I hope this article will help you in some way. I wish us all to have a smooth and loving transition into a better world, which we create, free of fear and manipulation, full of love and trust.

What is your practice? Please share with me.


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