My Mission

My mission is to promote personal well-being. I offer healing techniques that are geared toward the balance of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health of a person. Offered modalities are the traditional Reiki, Indian Head Treatment, Energy Medicine, and Chakra Cleansing. I also offer spiritual energy works such as Seichem, Violet Flame, and Quantum Healing. If you can’t come to the office, a Distance Healing is available as well.

About Me

My purpose is to heal people. My deep empathy and a sense of connection with the world gives me a desire to help others. For decades I have been studying the subject of intuition, empathy and visualization, and that helps me do my work. I believe in the quantum world, where thought is matter and vice-versa. We all can learn how to listen to our intuition and empathy, and heal ourselves and our lives, and that’s what I am teaching others as well. I understand the world’s suffering, I have a talent for seeing the root cause of things even when it is hidden, and I have a deep compassion to help. With the client’s permission I can read the blockages, help to work on their energy systems, and lead them toward freedom and peace.
I believe in a connected mind-body-spirit and work on the overall health of each client. The physical, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves are interconnected. To resolve an issue, we need to be able to investigate all parts and understand our habits. I listen to the personal complaints of my clients and give spiritual advice and direction on what to do next on their way of their self-improvement.
My ultimate vision is our world as a healthy and happy place.

Who do I serve with my work:
Anyone who is willing to change and who is willing to give it a try with my healing work is a good customer. The energy healing works on anyone: adults, children and the elderly. Babies, pets and also people in hospice care greatly benefit from treatments such as Reiki.
People who contact me for a healing session are typically suffering some physical or emotional ailment such as stress, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, or a physical tightness or pain, or they are dealing with an illness. They may also look for a way to reconnect with their spiritual side and find peace and more creativity in their life.
Most of my customers are women in middle age, mothers and people who are already spiritual in some way and they know they need to be stronger and well-functioning as caretakers.
We often work on healing their personal relationships which has a great impact on their general wellness.
The clients who are willing to change are open to hear my insights and suggestions about adjusting their habits and changing their beliefs with a healthier way of life.

Each client is an individual, and they might need just one session to fix their problem or their journey may lead to more sessions to get the desired outcome. I believe that we need to constantly work on ourselves. Yet, I do not intend for my clients to be dependent on me, so I offer classes where they learn how to work on themselves.

My simple goal for each person is to leave my office in better harmony and without pain, in better shape than how they arrived.

I have been a resident of Cape Ann for 15 years. I’m originally from the Czech Republic. I’ve lived in several places around the world, and I have experienced traditional and non-traditional healing techniques. I’ve been studying alternative medicine since I was 17.
I started learning about brain frequency work, and after that I discovered my intuitive gifts. I have participated in many seminars accessing the sub-conscious mind, such as Holotropic Breathwork, dream work, kinesiology, shamanic healing and more. For many years, I have been studying meditation and I enjoy applying my knowledge and skills to help people.

The treatments I offer are: traditional Reiki and Seichem, Chakra Cleansing, Quantum Healing and Indian Head Treatment. A combination of two treatments is also an effective and deeply rejuvenating tool.

If you have been feeling like you want to discover your intuition and healing abilities, I offer classes through the year.

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