Do you know that each of us are born with psychic abilities?  All children are psychic, and they can communicate with other planes invisible to others.  They can do this until they are forced to shut the ability down.  Furthermore, children are psychically connected to their mothers.  Also, they record everything they hear, even if they don’t understand what was said.  Young children do not yet have the ability to analyze what they hear.  This is due to a relatively hypnotic state (which is normal), and lasts until they reach school age.

Perhaps you witnessed your child talking to an invisible friend.  Maybe they talked about some strange past-life experience.  Maybe you even remember your own mystical experience, and when shared with others it was brushed off as a made-up fantasy.

I had a strange incident myself, when I was 8 years old.  My mother acknowledged this as a spiritual experience that was truly helpful.  As an adult, I witnessed other children being psychically connected; perceiving emotions of others over a long distance.  Some of them even connected to past-life events, and some experienced connections with different beings.

Teaching Reiki to Children

As kids grow and become young teenagers, they are in a perfect state for learning healing skills.  At the age of 9 and 10, they can perfectly understand simple healing techniques such as Reiki.  Children can successfully perform healing on themselves or on others.  Adults are typically in a much worse position to learn healing techniques.  This is because the necessary belief that they can heal and improve their own life has been clouded by doubt and pessimism.

Meditating on the subject of children and their perfect sensibility, I decided to create a Reiki class for children.  This class was a huge success for the kids as well as their parents.  It was great to see children becoming healers at such a young age.

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