Recently, I was able to hold an interview with Remi Ibraheem, an accomplished acupuncturist and astrologer.  This video interview covers the subject of Mercury in Retrograde.  This is a common astrological occurrence that affects many things in everyday life.

For over two decades, Remi has been an astrologer. She approaches the practice of astrology as a life coach. She believes that an individual’s natal chart is a road map to the understanding, fulfillment and attainment of a whole and nourished life.

Remi promotes Life Mastery Astrology, which is a practical and life coach approach to astrology. It utilizes the esoteric science of astrology to formulate natural and pragmatic actions for life’s problems.  Then, insight and clarity may be provided regarding career, life purpose, hidden pitfalls and gifts.  Lastly, it presents tools for the attainment of self-mastery and personal evolution.  It aligns the individual with their true purpose and helps to pave the path to success.

She is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA).

This video should give a working understanding of Mercury Retrograde and be aware of how this latest retrograde affects us. 

Here is a link to Remi’s professional page at the Well for Intregrative Medicine, Gloucester MA

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