Louise HayOne of my favorite books I keep reading over and over, since I was 15 years old, is “You can heal your life.”  The author, Louise Hay, is a motivating speaker and a teacher who inspired many people worldwide through her positive lifestyle attitude.

Louise Hay and Affirmations

Louise Hay talks of how important the self love and self approval is. While we were children, being raised by our parents, schools and community, we did not have much power over our lives. We pretty much recorded everything we were told and accepted lies about us as our own identity. Unfortunately, many times we learned we are not good enough. As adults, many of us believe the old tales, still thinking we don’t deserve happiness, love, success and money. These kinds of beliefs make people suffer and experience a lacking of love.
Louise Hay teaches a very basic tool, which is the positive affirmation. This tool is extremely effective. We repeat over and over new chosen affirmation, until our brain accepts it as a new program, until ‘the new tape starts playing in the head’.

This basic tool of positive affirmation helped many well-known inspirational speakers and coaches. I recommend seeing the movie, “You can heal your life,” which is full of well-known self-help book authors.
You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie starring Louise Hay! Click here to watch the trailer.

Since Louise Hay has been my teacher while reading her books, I always wanted to meet her. Last September, I finally did at the “I can do it” conference in NYC. The conference is happening again this year in NYC and I plan to go again. I look forward to see my favorites, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, John Holland and others. It is a very affordable 2 day retreat, and there is a good early bird discount if you buy tickets before June 23rd. Nice and likeminded people are joining this retreat; basically those who desire a happier life and more love for the self and the world. There will be opportunities to chat with the inspirational speakers in person, which is very pleasant. Join me! This could be a life-changing event for you.

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