Do you practice fasting? Or are you considering to give it a try?

In this short video I am talking about these 3 major mistakes which you, my friends, can avoid while fasting.

In the second part of this video, I am sharing simple hints, which may totally change those challenging fasting days around.

Fasting has been an ancient practice within many cultures. Today we recognize many healing benefits but we must fast correctly.

I have been practicing 1-day, 3-days 7-days fasting or even longer. I always thought that fasting is good for me; however, I did not know 3 things = 3 major mistakes which I have repeated over and over for years. Fasting can be only beneficial, if you do it right. Unfortunately, with repeating those mistakes, you may harm yourself.

How to enjoy fasting? Yes, it is possible. Taking a break from food and supporting yourself in the right way will help your body, mind and spirit. Stay with me to the end of the video to find out more about the enjoyable way to fast.