The first time Reiki came to me was when I was a teenager, maybe eighteen years old or so.  At one of the alternative workshops I attended, I met a man who had some strange but loving glow around him. I asked him: “why are you glowing? It seems like there is some extra light around you.” He answered: “I was sending you Reiki”. It felt peaceful and comforting but I had no idea what he meant.

Most of the people in the Western World have heard of Reiki but not everyone knows the meaning. Yet, there are many who practice some level of Reiki on themselves or on others. Reiki in translation means “Universal Life Force Energy.” It is an ancient Tibetan healing technique that was rediscovered in the 19th century by a Japanese monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. It spread out fast, from Japan to Hawaii and then to the USA and Europe.

My Introduction to Reiki

My first Reiki training happened 19 years ago in the Czech Republic. At that time, I was a part of a theater group. Believing it could bring us some sort of a creative boost, we all decided to go for the class together. We learned the basic self-treatment, as every Reiki level 1 offers. I thought it was cool and immediately signed up for Reiki level 2. The Second level teaches emotional healing as well as the distance healing. The Second level was life changing in many ways. My relationships were improving and I was able to support myself energetically at specific events and situations. I knew I would like to continue and reach the Master/Teacher level. It was also clear to me that it will happen, when I am ready. I wanted to find the right teacher for the Master level.

Ten years later, in Massachusetts, I met my Reiki Master Sophie Lhoste and received my Master/Teacher level as well as a great spiritual support. Since then I have been practicing this work daily, on myself and on others. The Master level does not mean that we know it all but we understand that we are committed towards the mastery. It is a life journey.

Reiki is a creative healing work, when we connect to “the Light” and send the Light to others. We are the channels for the Light. This creative energy works well as guidance to a greater awareness. We become more sensitive to our body, our emotions as well as to our environment. If practiced often, we learn how to recognize our intuition, so we can see blockages and diseases on others. The most important thing is that we can recover from diseases. We do not guarantee the outcome but we can always be sure that the highest healing possible for that moment will occur.

A Typical Reiki Session

In my practice I use more techniques because my main intention is to help my clients. However, it is under the umbrella of Reiki. During a typical session, a client relaxes on a massage table and I move my hands on or above the client’s body, channeling the energy into the body and aura. Clients often experience a warm and peaceful sensation, and many times they fall asleep. They experience a light sleep, dwelling usually in the Alpha brain frequency level which is especially healthy. Sometimes they may have a spiritual experience; which is individual for each person. After the session they typically feel more in peace, free of pain, and their sleeping improves. If receiving Reiki frequently, their lives improve on many levels. This is very rewarding for me.

Even though I have experienced ‘miraculous healings’, I do not take credit for it. I am only a channel. The one who allows the healing to happen is the client. When experiencing the unmistakable, Unconditional Love which Reiki brings, clients let miracles and peace into their life.

Throughout the year I offer Reiki classes, usually level 1 and 2, which are on demand. With the Second level, students are allowed to open their practice; and many do. The Master/Teacher level is offered this coming Summer 2017. Students will become Reiki Masters and Teachers and they will continue this great healing practice. Anyone who has the desire to help the world can learn this simple, yet profound healing technique.