Are you on the healing path? What does it mean to get healed? What happens when you get healed? Who heals you?

We all can heal on some level. We all came here with some “baggage” – inherited from our ancestors, passed down by the family lineage, past lives… absorbed baggage from others, recorded and copied from others in our childhood, going through a trauma or a difficult event, there is a baggage we have been carrying.

What happens when you get healed? We have to come back to ourselves and forgive, bless the past and let go. Push through the resistance, cut the cord with whatever does not serve you. Then you can step into your own power. Acknowledge that you are the one who does the healing. If you take a responsibility for our life, you can fix it! The main thing we usually have to heal is the relationship to the Self, your Inner Child and your enough-ness. Forgive yourself, forgive God, forgive the Universe. You are The One, even if you go to see a healer, you are The One who does the healing. You are The One who saves you. You just have to realize that.

You are on the same level with the Creator. It is inside of you, not outside. Choosing a better lifestyle, choosing people who support you, and choosing thoughts which are supportive are all things which will help you.