Chakra is a term originating in the Sanskrit language, meaning a “wheel”. Chakras are non- physical energy centers on the energy body. Seven major chakras relate to the endocrine system on the physical level. Each center/chakra is associated with a specific emotional and mental quality. A disharmony of these centers may lead to physical problems or illnesses.

A 1-hour chakra clearing session will balance and cleanse the 7 major chakras, which helps to put the emotional, mental and physical state of a person into harmony and health.

In the session, the client relaxes on the massage table, and for each chakra my hands move a few inches above the body, on the person’s aura.

1 hour of Chakra Cleansing may be complimented with 1 hour of Reiki healing, for a 2-hour total healing experience. This 2-hour session provides a deep rejuvenation on all levels.

My style of chakra cleansing is based on the Energy Medicine school, by Donna Eden.

1 hour of Chakra Cleansing ($75)
2 hours of Chakra Cleansing and Reiki ($125 – $150 sliding scale)