We are born with certain pre-dispositions, we go through various life experiences and that brings us to ‘the path’. We are actually on ‘the path’ the whole time but it’s not always that obvious. Anyway, I want to say that some things happen to us which are not within our control. The uncomfortable events may take time to heal, until we are ready to transform the pain into ‘the gain’. I would like to share my own experience of how I came to be on the Reiki healing path.

Introduction to Energy Healing

When I was 6 years old, my mother was diagnosed with an ovarian cancer.  She went through radiation therapy, an operation, and experienced a long recovery time.  The metastasis came back, spreading out on the lymphatic system.  This was when the limit was reached of Western Medicine; doctors could not really treat it anymore.  Luckily, my grandmother knew of an energy healer in the location where my family lived.  The energy healer worked under the table as a healer, because this kind of work was illegal in my country (at that time, it was communistic totalitarian Czechoslovakia).

My mother had several energy treatments with this woman. She was also advised to start herbal treatments. As herbs were not available in stores, the whole family was collecting them in nature. Generally speaking, the energy work and herbal treatment saved my mother’s life.  The whole experience greatly influenced me.  My mother was my whole life, as a mother can be for a child.  I prayed for her to survive.  There was nothing I wished more than for my mother’s health.  She survived and she lives in relatively good health.

Starting the Energy Healing Journey

At the age of 15, my interests moved toward human psychology, para-psychology and philosophy.  I began attending classes and seminars, starting with Silva Method, which teaches the mind programming system.  Next I began practicing Holotropic Breathwork, which teaches the accessing of the subconscious mind.  I also began practicing meditation and later took Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes.  By this point I started to travel; due to the fascination of different cultures.  After I spent  6 months in Africa, I could feel something strange happen to me.  Sharp dreams started occurring, as well as visions and voices.  Today I would call it the awakening of the intuition.

Some time later, after more trips between Africa and the US, I got my attunement into the Reiki Master/Teacher level. I knew by then that I must practice healing work on myself and others.  It is interesting how intuition may trained just as anything else in life may be trained. We can learn a language for instance, but to be able to speak it and become better in it, we have to practice it. That’s the same thing with intuition.

My Reiki Classes

In the Reiki classes I teach, I try to explain the students how to recognize intuition. It comes in as a visual picture, sound or inner voice, a color or a sensation on the body or in the palms. It varies, depending what senses are more developed within us. Reiki is also a great guidance on how to develop the intuition. We can get on the healing path, if that is what we desire. We all have the ability to learn it. It does not always mean that we have to open a practice. However, Reiki for instance, is a great guidance in spiritual life and a good support for a physical and mental health.