This blog is about Violet Flame and angels. I feel blessed that I was introduced to this kind of healing work by my Reiki Master/Teacher Sophie Lhoste, who attuned me into Violet Flame years ago. I have been practicing Violet Flame since then in meditations, in healing sessions with others, using it as a protection and much more. Today, I would like to share this awesome tool with you.

What is Violet Flame?

Violet Flame is a sacred spiritual practice of inner alchemy. It is a higher frequency spiritual light, or Divine God’s Light, that is normally invisible to the eyes. It has been channeled and perceived by many clairvoyants and mystic. In the physical world, as well as in spiritual, we have 7 rays of colors with specific qualities. The color violet presents the quality of freedom, mercy, forgiveness, purification, transmutation and finally ascension. The main focus is to purify ourselves on the deepest spiritual level, which lies beyond our ego. It helps to clear the negative emotions which are the cause of a physical or mental illness.

Ego is my only enemy

We all deal with the same problem as humans; on slightly different levels. We all struggle with our egos. It will always criticize us, it will always demand more, and it will always make problems in relationships. But guess what! If you separate your ego from yourself, from everything else, it can’t exist. Many times it’s hard to see the ego, until we stop and meditate, until we quiet the mind (which actually never gets to quiet). Meditating and using Violet Flame is one of the effective techniques that can help us to overcome our egos, and much more.

We can use Violet Flame as a form of transformation for our personal karma, karmic debt or any negativity into positive energy, fear into peace, hate into love, and blame into forgiveness. We don’t have to live hardships and suffer until the karma resolves, we don’t have to wait many lives until it purifies. The Violet Flame is a tool to transmute the past darkness into
“I Am Presence and Light.”

How does Violet Flame work?

Violet Flame helps us to change vibrations. By speeding up the electrons around the atom, it is changing the negative energy on atomic level. When we wipe away the negativity from our energy field, we make more space for the love, compassion and joy. If we feel like there is too much to do, we can always evoke the Angels of Violet Flame. They will always help if they are asked.


Does it sound unreal?  I know it may be for some.  I remember hearing about angels for the first time.  Religious tale is what I thought of it.  I was too young, and no one taught me until my adolescence.  About 10 years ago, I decided to attend an angelic workshop.  I came home with a manual on how to practice the ‘angelic magic’.  My life got enriched with miraculous experiences since then.  I am sincerely grateful for the angelic help.

Angels are ethereal beings who are supposed to serve and help humans.  They don’t live in the 3D world as we do, but their help often manifests on the Earth plane. Sometimes they act through humans or animals.  Their messages come through visions, intuitive guidance, or physical sensation such as a gentle breeze.

I use angelic help daily, often inviting them to help with the healing work on my clients.  They are always present; always on call.  It is important to acknowledge that we will receive all of the energies we call. In all situations, I only invite beings of Light, Archangels and sometimes Ascendant Masters.  You can call them for a protection or for an assistance with specific projects.  They are here to help, but they will only help if we ask them.



On Sunday, March 9, 2014, starting at 3 pm – 5:30 pm
at 222 Arts and Wellness Center, 222 Eastern Ave, Gloucester MA

A workshop accessing the sacred knowledge of Divine alchemy, personal transformation and healing.

Teachings of transcendent Master St. Germain
What is Violet Flame and how it works
Invocations of Angels of Violet Flame
Personal healing and practice

Registration is required – $15 to reserve the spot
Admission: $60, the previous attendees $29!!
(registration deposit is included in the price)


We had the first Violet Flame and St Germain workshop in January, 2014 and decided to continue, since all of us feel like we can benefit greatly.