Self-love in the Age of Trump

Hey, I don’t mean to be political but I am doing an evaluation of how the current political environment is influencing us on personal levels as well as humanity as a collective. How is our wellness affected in the age of Trump?

If you pay attention to your wellness, you know that the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual parts are things that need to be maintained to benefit the whole. Taking good care of yourself, making sure that you have a good and healthy lifestyle, is a sign of a life appreciation as well as a willingness toward self-love. If you are ‘holistically aware’, you know that our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual parts are dependent on each other. Our emotions and beliefs can influence the physical body and mind, and vice versa.

What is happening to our collective emotions?

Since the 2016 presidential election, a lot of people have been on an emotional roller coaster; mainly by holding on to feelings of disappointment, frustration, hopelessness, major mistrust and fear. On top of that, the absurdity of the current leadership has created a major division in this country. The division is simple. You are either Trump’s supporter or you dislike him.

In both cases, the leading emotion in the country is ‘anger and hatred’. Have you thought of that? Those who like him are manipulated to hate and discriminate the political, racial, and economic minorities. They are encouraged to do so by Trump’s example of greed and ignorance, but mainly by the example of winning at any cost. But is this a true statement or this person was simply portrayed by someone beyond the seen as a monster who destroys everything including your life?  A good question to ask…

A large part of the US population holds anger and hate towards Trump. Some would argue that it is reasonable; however, hate is still hate and it has an impact on our general health. The mass media continues on to spread more fear, so we are fed daily with fear. This does not do any good to our health. We hold onto fear and hate, narrowing the space for love and good things in life.

How about the collective morality?

Have you ever thought about what happens to the moral values of the nation, if the leader is lying, cheating and devaluing basic human rights? Undoubtedly, he sets up an example for his supporters to follow him and mirror his actions. I urge you to listen to me, not because of any past education or intuitive insight, but listen to me because I’ve seen this happen before and I’ve seen the results.

The negative portrait of this ‘monstrous man’ is here to stir up hate and rage and divide the nation. What was ‘the creator’ of it intending to do by creating this monster? And how is it possible that one man destroys everything and is SO bad?

I have experienced life in the totalitarian Soviet Czechoslovakia and I see similar things happening here in the States. In Czechoslovakia, the Soviets created a nation of untrusting, disgruntled and unmotivated people. The era of Soviet rule and 1-party politics created an entire generation of rather lazy people who steal and cheat. No kidding. More hate, more greed, and more disappointment. My parents’ generation did not recover from the system at all. Sadly, my generation still holds on to some of these twisted values.

However, if you see what is happening behind ‘the curtain’, you will find out that the monster itself is the one who created it, pointing it to this direction with a powerful manipulation of shame and blame.

How about self-love:

Let me clarify the major point about self-love. If you want to love the world around you, you’ve got to start with yourself. If you are lacking on love, you can’t give love. So, start with yourself and your personal wellness. Some people are confused with the term ‘self-love’. They think that it has something to do with selfishness and narcissism, but the opposite is true.

Narcissism is defined a mental disorder where the individual is verbally abusive, a chronic liar, and a reality twister that only sees his/her own interests, etc. Narcissism has nothing to do with the true self-love which nurtures and shares.

Self-love and self-respect nationwide:

What will happen if you love and respect yourself? Let me answer this for you: First of all, you will not follow a narcissistic leader who is full of himself but disrespects everyone else of course. But watch out, it may be tricky! The leader may be unknown and not the one you see! You have to ask yourself what is the real value to follow. I choose truth, freedom and peace. I urge you to stop being ignorant and seek truth. It may require a certain bravery but it’s worth it.

Changing awareness:

I suppose I am an optimist because I see that this country has been awakening. I see those brave women rising, who are standing up for themselves and for their children – the future generations. People are seeking truth and justice. The November elections have proven that people are emerging into a greater awareness, knowing that it is time to stand up for our values and human rights. President Trump, known throughout the world for his narcissism, has helped to wake up the people in this country. Yet, the reality has been twisted. It’s hard to tolerate this bullshit! Our president, as well as the current leadership, has brought about our awakening toward self-love. Time to defend our human rights and fight for what really matters.

How to create self-love:

I always recommend the affirmations of Louise Hay, the world’s legendary advocate for self-love. Affirming these things means you are creating them in your life and changing your future. Most of us were not trained to love ourselves. It’s time to work on it now. Stop whining that you were not loved enough in your childhood. Stop complaining about your crappy past. You are the creator of your love. You can use these affirmations:

~ I am willing to change. I am willing to love myself.
~ I love myself, therefore I take my power back. My power is my birth right.
~ I love myself, therefore I stand up for myself and I speak up, and life supports me in unexpected loving ways.
~ I love myself, therefore I am the one who controls my body and my health.
~ I love myself, therefore I demand safety and peace in this country.
~ I love myself, therefore I help to create a peaceful future for my children, and for my childrens’ children as well.
~ I love myself, therefore I call for an affordable healthcare and education system.
~ I love myself, therefore I create the healthy environment and help to protect our beloved Planet Earth.
~ I love myself, therefore I am open to new and healthy friendships, and share my love with the world.
~ I love myself, and I know we are all equal and part of one human race. No one is above, and no one is below.
~ I love myself, therefore I am committed to find my own truth.
~ I love myself, therefore I choose freedom, joy and more love in my life.

Are you willing to love yourself? It takes some work, but don’t give up!

More love to all of us!