I generally believe that our health and happiness is a result of the lifestyle we have. This is not just a healthy diet and exercise, but also a good and supportive community, healthy living conditions, a satisfying love life and fulfilling work. Many times, we need to investigate our past and change the belief system that is creating negativity in our life. Often, the negative thoughts create the biggest toxicity in our energy system and create diseases or problems in our lives.
As we create things in our lives, I believe that we are responsible for our sicknesses. I also believe that we must take responsibility for our healing. And of course, we sometimes need the help of other people. I mean, we need love and support so we can recover.

Here is a story of my grandmother and her recovery from a stroke:
Nine years ago, I got a text message from my parents (from the Czech Republic), that my grandma had a stroke. Before she got hospitalized, she was left without a help for more than 24 hours. That’s considered as a crucial time for survival and of course it is a difficult state to recover from.

Nine years ago, I was a full-time student here in the US and my semester was going to start. Back then, I was trying to figure out how the heck I was going to pay for school. I had only a few hundred dollars in my pocket and the semester was going to start in few days. As an international student in the States, I was not allowed to take a break from school and remain in the country (the student visa rules are pretty strict). If I was going to take a break, I had to leave the US. At that point I received a message from my family about my grandma’s stroke. My parents told me that doctors gave her basically no chance to improve. They told me that grandma is in some kind of coma-like state, and she doesn’t communicate. My parents believed what the doctors said to them, which meant no improvement at all. Now it was clear to me that I would not be taking classes that semester.

I used my remaining money to pay for a flight to Czech and went straight to the hospital to see my grandmother. As I arrived and went to the hospital with my mother, I found my grandma lying in the bed, looking unconscious. The doctor there told us: “You know, your grandma has been like this for more than a week and she is not going to recover. Unfortunately, she will stay for the rest of her life like this.” The doctor said that in front of my grandmother, and I answered: “We are taking her home, now.”

That day, I was talking to my grandma for a little bit and I knew she was perceiving the situation in some way. I massaged her eyebrows and helped her to open her eyes. She looked at me and I knew she recognized me.

We took her home and did a lot of furniture arrangement, arranged a physical therapy as well as a craniosacral therapy, both as home visits on a regular basis. Yet, grandma was not able to do anything at all. I decided to do the personal care – including hygiene, feeding and so on.

Mainly, I was talking to her all the time, reading books, playing music, giving her light massages, aromatherapy and Reiki. She was getting the most nutritious food and vitamins, yet she took her time to eat. She was learning everything from a scratch: learning to speak, learning to walk, learning to use the bathroom… just the very basics. We started walking with a walking apparatus made for paralyzed patients. However, in 14 days she was able to walk with walking sticks and we walked every day outside in all kinds of weather.

There were some awakening moments which I witnessed and treasured dearly. She was looking at magazines, as I gave her everyday. Suddenly, she understood the meaning of what was there. As she could already talk, she told me that now she was able to see what was there. I explained to her what had happened to her and assured that we will help her to get back to her life. I started taking her for long walks in the woods. I remember, one time, she was amazed of the nature, she was in a wonder and very appreciative.

In 3 weeks, we were taking walks just with my support. No walking sticks anymore. Neighbors could not believe their eyes and my parents agreed that the western medicine is just pretty limited on its own.

I was also making sure that grandma was getting all sorts of stimulation: not just walking and home therapies but also playing with pets, simple house work and gardening, positive movies and reading positive literature to her (Louise Hay books about self-love), and visits of other family members and friends. I was repeating the positive affirmations for her, letting her know that she is safe and that we love her and will always keep supporting her.

Three months passed and I had to go back to my school. My grandmother was able to get dressed, eat food on her own, watch TV and such, and she often communicated with her great grandchildren and her pets. Sometimes she got clearer moments and was able to communicate about things in life with people, but sometimes she was more wandering and was less present.

As doctors proclaimed three months ago that her life is basically over, we proved them wrong.
We can call it a miraculous recovery, or we can agree on a very simple philosophy: the holistic lifestyle approach matters and a positive attitude in life and a loving support is a medicine which works.

My sister moved into the grandma’s house to stay with her, and grandma lived a happy life, surrounded by her family. She died eight years later, peacefully and painlessly.

I often dream of my relatives who died, and I often dream of grandma. She looks always happy in my dreams and I always see her healthy and fully conscious. I always see her as I was telling her, that she is.