I would like to introduce Osho Meditation to the public to anyone who is seeking a way to improve their lives.  This meditation was designed by Osho; a spiritual teacher from India who created this technique for modern people.

Osho Meditation

I spent years practicing Osho Meditation, originally in a meditation center in the Czech Republic with large groups of people.  Later on I meditated just with a few individuals and also by my own. I must admit that a large crowd of people strongly empowered these meditative techniques.  The room always filled up with an amazing energy created by all the mediators.  Because Osho Meditations are dynamic meditative forms, I could not always practice them.  My apartment was not the best space, because Osho Meditations are loud and require a lot of room.  My neighbors would probably call police about the noise.  At the Floating Lotus, we have a beautiful space where we can be as loud and dynamic as we want.  I am excited that I can go back to this energizing and purifying meditating style.

To explain more, Osho Meditation is a technique that involves physical movement, breath work and music designed by Osho.  In our daily lives, we tend to build up stress and tension which makes it difficult to meditate in stillness.  Osho Meditation is a cathartic practice that helps people let go of negative emotions and prepare them for the meditative state of stillness.

Why meditate?

In conclusion, we should meditate to become more aware, more perceptive and more alive.

Who can come for Osho Meditations?  Beginners and advanced are all welcome.  I am offering two different meditations.  The first one is a morning meditation that will help you start the day.  It will give more energy than a cup of coffee would do.  The second meditation is in the evening, and encourages a more inwards focus.  I strongly encourage you to be on time for the meditation.  The door will be locked after we start.  Bring plenty of water and a sporty outfit.  I recommend not eating before the meditation.  No registration is required.  The suggested donation is $12.

Looking forward to seeing you there, at the Floating Lotus, 169 Main St, Gloucester MA.