“Just the way sound creates visible waves as it travels through a droplet of water, our “belief waves” ripple through the quantum fabric of the universe to become our bodies and the healing, abundance, and peace–or disease, lack, and suffering–that we experience in life.  And just the way we can tune a sound to change its patterns, we can tune our beliefs to preserve or destroy all that we cherish, including life itself. In a malleable world where everything from atoms to cells is changing to match our beliefs, we’re limited only by the way we think of ourselves in that world.”
~ Gregg Braden

This is a form of ‘spiritual counseling’ in the Theta brain level. The client introduces his or her goal of what they want to achieve. The practitioner intuitively connects to the client’s energy and also to the origin of the stated problem.

After removing negative patterns that happen on an energy level, the client receives new positive thoughts and consciously chooses new healthy habits.  Quantum Healing can holistically improve health, abundance, relationships, career, and life focus.  The healing can also occur on a hereditary level, by connecting to the Creator of all.  It helps to heal family karma, remove old vows, curses, guilt, and depression.

Quantum Healing is a modern, spiritual but non-religious technique which originates from quantum physics. It involves channeling, intuition, Reiki, kinesiology, regression, and empathy.

Benefits of Quantum Healing

  • Works on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and soul level
  • Releases old traumas, guilt, vows, curses
  • Heals family karma and past lives
  • Heals relationships
  • Helps to get rid of addictions and negative patterns
  • Works on the level of DNA; healing genetic issues
  • Helps the spiritual growth and directs towards the soul purpose


Sessions are on a sliding scale from $125 – $150 (1 session up to 2 hrs)
Please mind 24 hours cancellation policy!