Walking down the road between banana fields, passion fruits, papayas, dragon fruits, surrounded by palms, walking in peace, feeling warmed by the sun, and feeling great.  We are going to visit Dark View Falls which is a 30 minute walk.  Crossing a river on a bamboo bridge, we are standing at a reservation with twin falls.  Next, we are surrounded by tropical green vegetation, beautiful flowers and sweet smells.  An intense shower of surprisingly warm waterfall rejuvenates the whole body.  Now we are quietly sitting by the cascading waterfall, absorbing the tropical surroundings.  Dark View Falls are twin waterfalls located in Richmond Vale, St. Vincent, a tropical island of the Caribbean.

St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands

Anyone who is familiar with the southern Caribbean islands, particularly the Grenadines, may know St. Vincent.  There are 32 islands, and the mainland is St. Vincent, which has only about 150 square miles.  Interestingly, this place is less touristic than other, smaller Caribbean islands.  Typically, this place is popular as a sailing destination, and the small petite Grenadines are locales for luxurious honeymoons.  St. Vincent has its major tourism focus in the capitol, Kingstown.  The rest of the place is a hidden gem.  Therefore, it is a great location for eco-tourism.  Here, you may enjoy clean warm waters and beautiful vistas; it is also the filming location for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.  

La Soufriere, an active volcano, is another major attraction reaching up to 4,000 feet.  Hiking trails leading towards waterfalls, hot springs, rain forests or bird watching are the highlight for any nature lover.

Richmond Vale Academy

Richmond Vale Academy and its Hiking Center is one of the few existing eco-tour facilities on St. Vincent. They offer simple accommodations, great organic meals and Horse Communication classes.  The whole facility is a self-sustainable eco-farm with organic gardens and a tropical fruit plantation.  The style is simple but its natural surroundings are priceless.  It faces the active volcano, overlooks the Caribbean waters and palm trails, and is complimented with horses on the meadows.  In addition, Richmond Vale is run by a Scandinavian humanitarian organization that is passionately fighting against climate change.  Proceeds from guests directly support tree plantings in St. Vincent. 

Lastly, St. Vincent is an ideal place for a retreat.  This place has the ability to rejuvenate you and recharge your batteries for the whole year.



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